Who we are

our mission

We are obsessed with defeating impersonation fraud and solving the fundamental problem of payment authentication.
100+ academic papers
100+ person-years of systems engineering experience
15+ years of privacy and security advisory experience

our history

We are scientists, and we are passionate about solving complex problems.

When those problems involve everyone every time they push “send” on a payment, that kept us up at night. And the thought that they’re only getting worse as online cons and impersonation become easier with the increasing prevalence of deepfakes and advanced digital masks - well, that haunted us.

That is why we raised capital, put together a team, and built DoubleCheck. DoubleCheck was, and remains, the only platform that solves the fundamental problem of ensuring you are paying the right person.

And we’re only getting started. We’re constantly enhancing DoubleCheck, thinking through threats, so our customers don’t have to. All while staying easy to use, understand, and trust.

our investors

Meet our founders

Riad Wahby
Michael Walfish
Max Howald
Ben Braun
Systems + AI
Andrew Blumberg
​Hari Balakrishnan
Sunil Pai
Scott Shenker
Maxwell Krohn
Ken Lang
Jens Rasmussen
J.D. Zamfirescu
Istvan Jonyer
Fawad Zakariya
Dave Coen
Alex Roetter
Adam Sah
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